We’re Open. And we’re here for you.

Continuity of Service

With Covid 19, the world – and the word – is changing by the day. And we understand there are new and changing pressures on your work programs and teams each day.

We just want to reassure you that our team here at Persuasion Republic is not going anywhere.

We’re actually busy and have a slate of lovely projects over the next few months. Plus, we’re gearing up to provide continuity of service – and extra support if needed. So, we’re here to meet your needs – your regular work load and also any new initiatives you want to implement on foot of the crisis. But more on that tomorrow.

Obviously, we’re implementing best practice protocols here to protect our staff and ourselves – and to ensure we play our part to prevent the spread of the virus. For us that means we’ll be working a little differently – a mixture of office-based work and remote working, on-line meetings and splitting up teams into smaller groups, staggered internal contact and so on.

In any case, rest assured, we are here physically and on the other end of the line. Call us and we’ll help solve any problems or needs.

What to do in the face of the Coronavirus Outbreak

This is obviously a very challenging time for every charity and in particular for their fundraising departments. Many community fundraising events have had to be postponed. And it remains to be seen, the immediate effect crisis will have on traditional Easter appeals and awareness of issues other than Covid-19.

But this dark cloud has also revealed a truly extraordinary silver lining.

It has re-awoken our sense of community and interdependence.

Never before has the nation been so focused on the vulnerability of the elderly, the sick and the marginalised. Never before have we been so aware of how much we depend on each other for support.

Those instincts are the very heartbeat of every fundraising appeal and every supporter of your organisation.

So, the advice is clear.

  • Keep your message visible and consistent. Increase it if you can.
  • Keep your fundraising as active as possible. Increase it if you can.
  • Meet the current crisis face on. It doesn’t necessarily overshadow your cause. It can also fuel it and heighten the importance of your work.

How we can help you now

  • We can talk about how you can best frame and structure your messaging and fundraising in the current climate.
  • We can help you quickly create an emergency Covid-19 appeal for your organisation, if you are considering launching such an appeal.
  • And we can also help you explore what innovations you can introduce to meet the challenges and opportunities before you now.
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