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The Book of Covidence 5

As the country starts to open again we are all slowly – and carefully – returning to discover what exactly this ‘new normal’ will look like. What has been the effect of Covid-19 on the charity sector? What trends have emerged? How has public opinion changed? Where once the advice was to Stay Home, the key going forward will be to Stay Informed. To aid your journey, we thought we’d share the best research, roadmaps, analysis and insights from across the sector and the wider media.   Research and Insights. As the sector and the world comes to terms with living with Covid-19, we’ve gathered up the latest wave of research relevant ...

GENERATION PANDEMIC – Irish Youth Foundation

GENERATION PANDEMIC is a novel major gift campaign for the great people in the Irish Youth Foundation. We wrote and designed a Case for Support (and summary document) as a key tool to buy-in major donors. The campaign is to build a €1.5m Recovery Fund to help undo the catastrophic damage the Covid-19 fallout has inflicted on our most excluded children and young adults. The fund will see investment in high impact programmes across education, health and workplace readiness.

ASI Tea Day

This year’s Alzheimer Society of Ireland Tea Day was a very special event. With restrictions confining everyone to their homes we altered our approach and design to make the event a joyous online experience. The campaign switched seamlessly from promoting "Tea in Every Town” to "Tea in Every Home” and proved a wonderful success, raising vital funds for essential dementia services all across Ireland.

NCBI Covid-19 Direct Mail

In these frightening times, NCBI’s crucial services are a lifeline for people with sight loss who are living alone – people who are now more isolated and anxious than ever because of COVID-19. We worked with them to develop and deliver a powerful COVID-19 DM Appeal.

Rialto Community Drugs Team

Communications Plan Rialto Community Drugs Team are a special group of dynamic community activists who do incredibly vital work – often unseen and unheralded – in the heart of Rialto. We guided them through the process of constructing a communications plan and subsequently we drafted and designed it. A great crew to work with.

The Book of Covidence 4

Our (socially-distanced) High Five Highlights So, here’s the top 5 Inspirational COVID-combating antibodies we encountered this week.   1. Awake at the Wheel First up is the extraordinary success in winning government support for a €40m Stability Fund – no mean feat. Congrats to The Wheel, Cii and all their sector partners who drove this campaign. You can get all the details here. The supportive government response to our sector seems to be in direct contrast with the situation in the UK where their charity support package has been described as, amongst other things, a farce, according to the Directory for Social Change. 2. An ...

The Book of Covidence 3

Looks like one of the main legacies of Covid-19 is…well…Legacies   The Will of the people So, in this edition of our Book of Covidence we thought we would focus on legacy fundraising as there have been several great pieces of advice and research published in recent weeks.  First up, according to media reports in the UK, there’s been a surge in Will making – up 300% in some cases – since the onset of the crisis. Twice as many people are visiting Remember A Charity’s ‘Making A Will’ page. In our view, given the existential times we’re living through, it doesn't really come as any surprise that donors who want to make a ...

Friends of the Elderly mail against Covid

After the initial shock of the Covid 19 crisis, many charities are being strategic, proactive and staying connected to their donors. We were asked by Friends of the Elderly to develop a Covid Emergency DM Appeal which has already landed and is getting amazing results.

Threshold Covid Emergency Appeal

Charities are hugely negatively affected by the shut-down. But proactive charities are fighting back and successfully fundraising for key services. Here’s a DM we developed for Threshold who are doing such vital work for families on the edge of homelessness – a truly appalling vista for anyone in these dark times.

Irish Youth Foundation

The brilliant Irish Youth Foundation funds crucial projects on the frontline world that is Irish Youth Work. We’ve just written and produced a Case for Support aimed at helping 50,000 disadvantaged children by 2025 – targeting our most-excluded children and young people in the areas of education, health-wellbeing and readiness for work.