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Drink Tea for IMND

On, June 21st, Ireland is rallying around people living with Motor Neurone Disease by hosting a fun and social tea gathering. We worked on the brand, DM and all materials for our friends in the Irish Motor Neurone Disease Association. It was great to be able to help raise crucial funds for such challenging progressive condition.

The room where life begins again

The Intensive Care Unit of Temple Street Hospital is one of the most extraordinary rooms imaginable. Here, every hour can change a life and every minute can last a lifetime. We are so proud to have been able to create a special DM to help raise funds for urgently needed Life Support Ventilators for this amazing hospital. This appeal takes donors behind the doors of ICU and offers an intimate and moving portrait of the Everitt family's journey through ICU with their brave little daughter Sarah.

A Christmas Wonder – Doubling the Target ROI

Continuing our on-going work for The Irish Red Cross, we are delighted to be able to report that this year’s Christmas appeal proved to be one of the most successful ever. The pack was built on one simple but compelling idea – sometimes the simplest gifts are the most powerful. With a clear, concise and confident message the materials focused on the very fundamentals of Direct Mail, a simple, practical solution to a clear and urgent problem. In the end the appeal not only achieved its target ROI.  It doubled it.

Legacy Fundraising Report

Welcome to the third edition of the Legacy Snapshot research report. I’m delighted to say that this edition is produced in partnership with My Legacy and is the second in a series of new legacy research projects that we are undertaking together. The aim of this research is to try to arm legacy fundraisers with new information which they can use in their work to develop better strategy and tactics and win more support within their organisation. Hopefully, they will find it easier to benchmark their organisation against their peers and the sector in general. Survey 1 is a quantitative study listing 40 public fundraising charities and their ...

Honour Bound!

Persuasion Republic has been shortlisted for 3 Direct Marketing Awards and a national PR award! It’s truly an honour and a privilege to be able to work for some of Ireland’s best charities and the amazing people who work in them. And now it’s also a huge honour to be shortlisted for no fewer than three An Post Smart Marketing National Awards – and for a Public Relations Excellence Award run by Public Relations Institute of Ireland, PRCA and CIPR. As you know, these highest profile national awards feature the biggest commercial agencies, brands and heavy-hitting charities in Ireland – so we’re thrilled that we’re competing at the top ...

SOS – Support Our Secretaries

Fórsa has mounted a campaign for pay justice for school secretaries, most of whom are very poorly paid and have irregular, short-term contracts that force them to sign on during the summer holidays. This is because of an antiquated and discriminatory employment status, which was foisted upon school secretaries in 1978. It means that the few directly-employed by the education department have public service status, while the majority are employed by school management boards, which determine their pay and conditions.We helped develop the campaign brand, core messaging and materials.

More Power to You

The More Power To You campaign brings together trade unions representing over 30,000 local council workers. The campaign seeks to reclaim the role of local authorities and local democracy and has also called for legislative changes to facilitate directly-elected mayors and restore and expand town councils, which were abolished in 2014. We helped develop the campaign brand, core messaging and materials.

Alzheimer’s Tea Day

The Alzheimer Society works wonders to ensure that people living with Alzheimer’s and dementia have the quality supports, advice and practical services they need. One of the brilliant ways they raise funding is through Alzheimer’s Tea Day. We had the creative and strategic privilege of redesigning the entire Alzheimer’s Tea Day campaign this year.

Announcing a very special series of videos for Temple Street Hospital

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cWsn_RwbUDs We are proud to be able to announce the release of the first in a special series of films which we have written, produced and directed for Temple Street Children’s Hospital. This first film tells the moving story of a wonderful little girl named Darcie Belle. Through a mixture of in-depth interviews and rare, personal footage, Darcie Belle’s Mum, Holly, and her Dad, Mark, tell the dramatic and emotional story of their beautiful daughter’s battle to survive a brain tumour. Over the coming months three more videos will be released – each giving an intimate and deeply moving portrait ...

Dementia Hub Ireland

Dementia Hub Ireland is definitely our most ambitious web project so far. And It’s now live! We were delighted to work with the Centre for Economic and Social Research in Dementia (CESRD) at NUI Galway to bring the amazing story of dementia innovation together in one on-line repository. Combining film, testimony and evidence, the hub profiles the amazing work that has been taking place across 15 unique and groundbreaking programmes, funded by the vision of The Atlantic Philanthropies. https://vimeo.com/243123618