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Focus Ireland’s Easter Campaign

As the homelessness crisis deepens one of the most important and challenging tasks we have faced was to create a compelling Easter fundraising appeal for the wonderful team at Focus Ireland. What made this appeal so special was the courage and honesty of one brave man – Alex McGrath, who openly told the story of his long battle with addiction and homelessness. This important and deeply personal, Direct Mail pack proved once again that there is nothing as compelling as the truth.

Tea Day 2018

Anyone for tea?  This Spring we were delighted to continue our work with the Alzheimer Society of Ireland on their wonderful Tea Day fundraising appeal.  Framed in our lovely retro style, the Tea Day appeal invites the nation to put the kettle on and raise vital funds for local dementia services.  This year’s campaign also featured a special Builder’s Brew invitation designed to engage construction companies and builders to join in the event.

Ireland’s Great Get Together

This was a joyous and challenging brief to get – a new event-based fundraiser for Focus Ireland. We had to come up with the title, brand, strapline and all visual assets for the campaign. This saw us also developing a series of wonderful original illustrations. Ireland’s Great Get Together was born, inviting people to host an event at home, at work or in somewhere special – a meal, music, kid’s event, quiz, coffee, games, dancing…the donor decides! We are delighted to see it’s getting a great reaction.  

The First Irish Traveller Ethnicity Celebration

Persuasion Republic, along with a steering group of Traveller community groups with support from the Department of Justice, produced a day-long  celebratory event in the Royal Hospital Kilmainham to mark the State’s recognition of Traveller Ethnicity on March 1st, 2017. The first event of its kind, the Irish Traveller Ethnicity Celebration on March 15th 2018 was open to all people and communities to join the celebration showcase of culture, heritage, language and identity of Travellers, Ireland’s only indigenous minority. The event included presentations from the National Folklore Department (UCD) and the National Library of Ireland, ...

Citywide’s Stop The Stigma Campaign

Stigma destroys lives, families and futures Yesterday we supported Citywide to launch their new campaign to raise awareness about the destructive impact of stigma on people who use drugs.  Despite the Beast from the East occupying most of the media’s attention, the campaign was well covered in print, on-line and on radio. Take a look at our video, drawn completely from the voices of ordinary people who have experienced the hurt and shame of being stigmatised.

A Guide For People in Mortgage Distress in Ireland

Over the past few weeks we have been working to raise awareness about a Guide to EU consumer and human rights laws that can help thousands of people in mortgage distress and facing unfair eviction.  On the day that some banks confirmed their intentions to sell distressed loans to vulture funds “Paul” (not his real name) - who we were lucky enough to work with - wrote about his experience with dealing with a vulture fund on thejournal.ie   The post has received over 124,000 views - one of the highest counts ever on thejournal.ie.  Phenomenal reaction. You can read the full article here. The Guide is also available to download now from ...

Irish Council for Civil Liberties Launch New Website

After working with Liam Herrick and the ICCL team for the past few months, we are delighted to see them launch their new website. Our Design and Digital team worked on the design and redevelopment of their website, producing a mobile-responsive, user-friendly interface and a secure content management system for the abundance of resources they provide. Have a look for yourself at iccl.ie!

The First Traveller Accommodation Inquiry

We have provided media support for the the first Traveller Accommodation Inquiry and the launch of the campaign #TravellerHomesNow in Galway yesterday to highlight nearly 20 years of broken promises and failed targets on Traveller Accommodation Planning. The issue has been covered by RTE and The Irish Times.

Not-for-Profit Sector Can Be Leading Light for Leadership Equality

Read the Conclusions That Emerged from Our Seminar On Gender Diversity and Let Us Know If You’re Interested in Taking the Next Step Too We read with interest this morning that the Government has set up a task force to promote gender equality in Higher Education. The establishment of the task force follows the publication last year of a national third level gender review, which found that women in that sector faced barriers to progression that were not experienced to the same degree by men. This lack of balance in the higher education sector was mirrored in our own topline research on gender equality.  Across the eight not-for-profit sectors ...

Irish Heart’s Feel the Pulse Campaign

We had the pleasure of working with Irish Heart again on their Atrial Fibrillation awareness campaign. This year’s campaign was introduced at the Ploughing Championships, and ran nationwide across a variety of platforms including social media, radio and outdoor. The campaign aims to raise awareness of the importance of taking your pulse as it may help you detect an irregular heartbeat and reduce your risk of having a stroke.