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SOS – Support Our Secretaries

Fórsa has mounted a campaign for pay justice for school secretaries, most of whom are very poorly paid and have irregular, short-term contracts that force them to sign on during the summer holidays. This is because of an antiquated and discriminatory employment status, which was foisted upon school secretaries in 1978. It means that the few directly-employed by the education department have public service status, while the majority are employed by school management boards, which determine their pay and conditions.We helped develop the campaign brand, core messaging and materials.

More Power to You

The More Power To You campaign brings together trade unions representing over 30,000 local council workers. The campaign seeks to reclaim the role of local authorities and local democracy and has also called for legislative changes to facilitate directly-elected mayors and restore and expand town councils, which were abolished in 2014. We helped develop the campaign brand, core messaging and materials.

When it comes to trust does brand matter?

We hear a lot about trust and its particular importance in relation to the Irish charity sector. Because the sector is dependent on financial donations and volunteering, public trust in charities is essential for the sustainability of the sector. Research by Sargeant and Lee (2004) concluded that higher degrees of trust in a charity have been shown to predict a greater willingness to become a donor; to make a larger donation amount; and higher levels of trust improve the possibility that enduring donor-charity relationships will develop. And we know that enduring donor-charity relationships are critical to success in fundraising. So what is it ...