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CMRF (Crumlin Hospital) Christmas Jumper Day

Delighted to be working again with CMRF as part of the new Children’s Health Foundation. The Christmas Jumper Appeal has been going from strength to strength in recent years and this year we helped revise the strategy, refreshed the brand and the materials with the aim of making an even bigger success.

Irish Red Cross – War Destroys Lives

Continuing our work with the wonderful Irish Red Cross, we recently designed their War Destroys Lives campaign. This campaign focused on the urgent needs of the young and the most vulnerable whose lives are being destroyed by conflict and disaster every day. The campaign urged donors to help supply essentials like food, water and medicine to those most in need. A simple but moving proposition for a critically important campaign.

Focus Ireland – Children are born into Homelessness

We are honoured to have won the tender to produce both the above-the-line and below-the-line elements of Focus Ireland’s most important fundraising campaign of the year. Highlighting the fact that children are now being born and raised in homelessness, the campaign shone a light on the shocking reality of our housing crisis, while raising vital funding for the wonderful work that Focus Ireland do every day.

Trick or Treat for Temple Street

This year’s Trick or Treat for Temple Street was a joy to design. This fun and vibrant fundraising campaign featured Halloween Heroes like Myles Jordan, one of the amazing Temple Street kids whose stories help to help to make this campaign so successful.

Drink Tea for IMND

On, June 21st, Ireland is rallying around people living with Motor Neurone Disease by hosting a fun and social tea gathering. We worked on the brand, DM and all materials for our friends in the Irish Motor Neurone Disease Association. It was great to be able to help raise crucial funds for such challenging progressive condition.

SOS – Support Our Secretaries

Fórsa has mounted a campaign for pay justice for school secretaries, most of whom are very poorly paid and have irregular, short-term contracts that force them to sign on during the summer holidays. This is because of an antiquated and discriminatory employment status, which was foisted upon school secretaries in 1978. It means that the few directly-employed by the education department have public service status, while the majority are employed by school management boards, which determine their pay and conditions.We helped develop the campaign brand, core messaging and materials.

More Power to You

The More Power To You campaign brings together trade unions representing over 30,000 local council workers. The campaign seeks to reclaim the role of local authorities and local democracy and has also called for legislative changes to facilitate directly-elected mayors and restore and expand town councils, which were abolished in 2014. We helped develop the campaign brand, core messaging and materials.