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NCBI Covid-19 Direct Mail

In these frightening times, NCBI’s crucial services are a lifeline for people with sight loss who are living alone – people who are now more isolated and anxious than ever because of COVID-19. We worked with them to develop and deliver a powerful COVID-19 DM Appeal.

Friends of the Elderly mail against Covid

After the initial shock of the Covid 19 crisis, many charities are being strategic, proactive and staying connected to their donors. We were asked by Friends of the Elderly to develop a Covid Emergency DM Appeal which has already landed and is getting amazing results.

Threshold Covid Emergency Appeal

Charities are hugely negatively affected by the shut-down. But proactive charities are fighting back and successfully fundraising for key services. Here’s a DM we developed for Threshold who are doing such vital work for families on the edge of homelessness – a truly appalling vista for anyone in these dark times.

Daffodil Day Direct Mail

The great people at the Irish Cancer Society, like all Irish charities, had to cancel some high income-generating events. Daffodil Day, now a fixture of Irish life, couldn’t happen. Thankfully, we had just completed and mailed their Daffodil Day DM featuring the moving story of the heroic Shannen Bulman Joyce.


This summer we produced another of our labours of love – The Alzheimer Society of Ireland's beautiful newsletter ‘Memorable'. It's filled with extraordinary stories and even more extraordinary people who, together, are helping to support the thousands of men and women across Ireland who are living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.


Continuing our ongoing programme of work for Focus Ireland, we centred their June mailing to donors on the recent reports which detailed the shocking impact of homelessness on children. Featuring one brave young mother’s personal account of her children’s path through homelessness, the mailing offered a visceral and moving insight into the reality of our housing crisis.


A hard-working mum who couldn’t believe that her family had come to the cliff edge of homelessness. They loved their little two-bed, two-sisters, two-cats, rented house. The place the girls’ dad used to tuck them in every night… before cancer took him away. Now their home was being taken away. This was at the heart of this powerful Easter Appeal for Threshold.


For us, care mailings are one of the vital and highly specialised tools we utilise to improve the donor journey – and of course, to generate extra income. Our client, Threshold, understands this well and together we put a lot of effort into making their care mailings work hard and deliver the biggest impact.


Humanitarian Appeal Eight years of war have devastated Syria’s ability to produce and distribute food. Most of the water is contaminated. Local GOAL staff in Ethiopia are working 24/7 to support bakeries and help repair the water system. It’s so fulfilling to be working with GOAL on a Direct Mail that will raise money for probably the worst humanitarian crisis on the planet today.

The room where life begins again

The Intensive Care Unit of Temple Street Hospital is one of the most extraordinary rooms imaginable. Here, every hour can change a life and every minute can last a lifetime. We are so proud to have been able to create a special DM to help raise funds for urgently needed Life Support Ventilators for this amazing hospital. This appeal takes donors behind the doors of ICU and offers an intimate and moving portrait of the Everitt family's journey through ICU with their brave little daughter Sarah.