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CMRF (Crumlin Hospital) Christmas Jumper Day

Delighted to be working again with CMRF as part of the new Children’s Health Foundation. The Christmas Jumper Appeal has been going from strength to strength in recent years and this year we helped revise the strategy, refreshed the brand and the materials with the aim of making an even bigger success.

Irish Red Cross – War Destroys Lives

Continuing our work with the wonderful Irish Red Cross, we recently designed their War Destroys Lives campaign. This campaign focused on the urgent needs of the young and the most vulnerable whose lives are being destroyed by conflict and disaster every day. The campaign urged donors to help supply essentials like food, water and medicine to those most in need. A simple but moving proposition for a critically important campaign.

Focus Ireland – Children are born into Homelessness

We are honoured to have won the tender to produce both the above-the-line and below-the-line elements of Focus Ireland’s most important fundraising campaign of the year. Highlighting the fact that children are now being born and raised in homelessness, the campaign shone a light on the shocking reality of our housing crisis, while raising vital funding for the wonderful work that Focus Ireland do every day.

Trick or Treat for Temple Street

This year’s Trick or Treat for Temple Street was a joy to design. This fun and vibrant fundraising campaign featured Halloween Heroes like Myles Jordan, one of the amazing Temple Street kids whose stories help to help to make this campaign so successful.

A Case for Support

We are in the middle of a very new exciting programme of work that involves the agency in developing case for support packs for some great major gift appeals. Developing a case involves producing the appeal brand, interviewing a range of champions, ambassadors, current and potential donors, drafting the gift chart and producing an inspiring pack that empowers the appeal team to achieve their goal for key transformational change in their organisation. By the end of the year we will have worked on up to 10 case projects for a broad range of clients including Central Remedial Clinic, Debra Ireland, Social Justice Ireland, Cappagh Hospital and ...

UNICEF Survival Gift Cards

We were delighted to have been asked to redesign UNICEF’s innovative and hugely effective ‘gifting’ series. Each of these beautifully illustrated cards allows donors to send two very special gifts. Their donation means a child in need receives a life-saving gift of  medicine, blankets or essential food. And, in return, the recipient of the gift card receives the most precious gift of all – a child’s smile.

UNICEF Global Parents

We recently redesigned and updated UNICEF’s wonderful Global Parents initiative. This unique programme enables Irish donors to provide essential nutrition to vulnerable children across the world during the essential first three years of their development.

Trick Or Treat for Temple Street

This year’s Trick or Treat for Temple Street was led by a group of amazing young children – all of whom are patients in Temple Street Children’s Hospital. The children featured in the all-new design for one of Temple Street’s landmark fundraising campaigns. Though the look and feel of the campaign has changed the core proposition is still the same compelling call to action to support this fantastic hospital. ‘Princess’ Grace Cogan, one of the campaign’s Trick or Treat heroes also features in the most recent offering from the Living Proof series of videos which we made for Temple Street. You can watch it here.

NCBI Dine In The Dark

This is the second year we’ve developed branding, recruitment and marketing materials for NCBI’s fantastic Dine In The Dark event. In participating restaurants, diners wear blindfolds while eating from a mouth-watering menu. The meal becomes a remarkable sensory and fun encounter. This year, we also assisted with restaurant recruitment – and the numbers are up!

Donor Retention Strategies To Grow Your Fundraising Income

If your charity is to retain donors, very simply, you have to know who your donors are and what they want from your organisation. What job are they hiring you to do? And how you can provide the best standard of care, tailored to their needs and preferences, so that their experience is a rewarding one. For many charities successful donor retention will require a mind-set change – a new emphasis on long-term thinking and a move away from a focus on short-term targets. The reward - improving your donor retention rates can result in increased revenue and an overall total uplift in donor value.   Five Donor Retention Strategies to Grow Your ...